Meet the Band

  • Riff Rockit now features a one of a kind puppet band designed and created in collaboration with the incredible team at Swazzle. With credits spanning the likes of The Simpsons, The Pee-Wee Herman Show, Sprout (PBS Kids), and more, Riff’s rockin’ puppets are some of the most unique, lively, and fun ever created. Riff Rockit, the high energy rockin’ “kindie” artist is once again leading the way in children’s entertainment. Come meet the band!

  • Happy Go Lectric

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Happy grew up in a musical family. His parents, the studio guitar duo Peppy and Pretty Go Lectric, where known to perform in perfect harmony. Right out of his case Happy started grooming his chops of rockin riffs and became an overnight success. He toured nonstop after playing for millions. Happy was just about to unplug for goof when his nephew Manny Mandolin begged him to see the Riff Rockit Show. Happy never saw so many moms and dads rockin’ to the beat. Inspired the electricity in the room he jumped on stage and plugged himself in and has never left Riffs side since.

  • Benjamin’ Bass

    A native of St. Louis, Mo, Benjamin’ was exposed to the magic of the blues from his first set of strings. Listening to the greats Chuck Berry and Albert King, Ben honed his skills becoming known as the smoothest, coolest, most laid back bass around. He played for years on countless records, world tours, and numerous TV shows. Ben was about to tie up his strings when he saw Riff Rockit in concert. When Ben saw familes of all ages were rockin’ out he tuned up his strings and joined Riff’s Band. Ben loves sharing the power of music with kids.

  • MC Mike

    Haling from the Big Apple, MC Mike comes from a Mike family. His parents Wolfy and Betta were the industry standards known for their warmth and clarity. They met and fell in love while hosting an awards show. MC is their pride and joy and from his first tube it was clear his talent didn’t fall far from the stand earning a reputation as "The best Mike in the business" with his coined catch phrase Check, Check, MC Mike Check. MC was in the audience at Riff Rockit concert when suddenly Riff’s mic went missing. MC jumped on the stage, saved the day, and has been Riff’s MC ever since.

  • Kitt, Tom and Hannah Hat

    The brother and sister power drum set from the shores of Jersey has been making a name for themselves right out of the box. Coming from a long line of sets, all the inspiration they needed came from under the same roof. It didn’t take long for the argumentative yet loving brother and sister trio, led by big brother Kitt, to become the most requested drum set in the tri-state area. As the story goes, this sometimes dysfunctional trio had decided to slow the beat down when they got a call to fill in at a Riff Rockit concert. Before they knew it, their sticks were flying once again. They joined Riff’s band and have been making great music for kids ever since.

  • Keisha

    Keisha grew up in Detroit during the heyday of Motown. Once she got all of her "adult keys" it was clear she was headed for musical brilliance. Keisha is known for her bright smile, sweet disposition, smoothing tracks and fashion......No one wears pink and purple better. After years of touring with the best, Keisha decided to return to school and follow her dream to become a music teacher. After graduating at the top of her class, Riff asked Keisha to join his band. She shined her keys, backed her case and has been teaching kids ever since.

  • Gus

    Gus has kept his engine well oiled and his pistons pumped ever since he got his license. Growing up in Dallas, where there’s no shortage of open roads, Gus quickly built a reputation as the safest and most reliable ride. After racking up thousands of miles driving rockers from coast to coast, life on the road started to wear on Gus. Needing a break, new tires, and a tune up, he returned home to Dallas and turned himself into a one of a kind musical tour bus BBQ restaurant experience called “Big Gus the BBQ Bus.” One day while gassing up the grill at the county fair Gus saw families singing and dancing along with Riff Rockit. His pistons starting flying and his tires started smokin’ needless to say he pulled up the steaks and filled his tank and has never stopped touring with Riff.